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Motherboard Coil noise, a high pitch sound coming from the motherboard

Last Updated: 2006-08-05

If your motherboard produces a loud high pitch noise the advice below might be able to fix it for you.

Problem Description:
I can't figure out what part it is; originally I thought it was some type of mechanical noise because it seems to go on and off from time to time, but I opened up the case and unplugged all the fans and it still does that. Same thing when I disconnect the hard drive. I think it's in the power supply. (I guess the next step is to replace the PS and see if it goes away ... since the sound does go away when I shut the system down.)

Anyway, I'm not that young and it's like running fingernails down a blackboard to me. I've started keeping that computer turned off because it's so obnoxious to have running; I can only imagine how bad something designed to make that sound could be.

by Henk Poley (308046) on Saturday August 05, @03:33AM (#15851261) (

That's called 'coil noise'. There are a couple of coils (circular wound wires) on the motherboard. Normally they shouldn't have any room to move a bit, but if they have they will vibrate in their magnetic field. You can use a tube to find the offending coil. Put the tube to your ear and move with the other end over the motherboard until you find the spot that emits the noise. Applying hotglue seems to be the most effective way to cancel the noise.

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