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18 October 2009 v0.9
* Fixed the issue where the question_id would default to 0 when no cookies are accepted.
This would validate any answer as true. Default is now to return invalid.
* Removed .svn directories.

05 July 2009 v0.8
* First release of the CAPTCHAv2 package with login form.
* Moved abuse.php into captchav2 directory and added config option to install script
* Added new config variable to handle above $abuse_php_path
* Added checks for config.php to prevent error messages when CAPTCHAv2 is not yet installed.
* Added link to login form when installation is complete.
* Changed CSS to prevent visited URLs to turn into visited color for management UI
* Fixed "login right after logoff condition"

29 Jun 2009 v0.7
* Renamed method generate_list to generate_question_list
* Added options to manage IP cache table

29 June 2009 v0.6
* Added register.php for FluxBB 1.2.21
* Implemented rebuild_index() method in class_captcha_manage.php
* Added check to class_captcha.php and class_captcha_manage.php to ensure class_sql.php has been loaded
* Added truncate() method to class_sql.php


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