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pairash plearnmalai wrote:
> 1. Add Reference
> 2. Browse
> 3. Select File 'MySql.Data.dll'
> at
> C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Connector Net
> 1.0.3\bin.\NET 1.1
> 4. You put code
> Imports MySql.Data.MySqlClient

And the connection string may look something like this (it has worked in my .NET code):

conn.ConnectionString = "User ID=" + _authInfo.UserName + ";" +
"Password=" + _authInfo.UserPassword + ";" +
"Host=localhost;" +

This connection does not use a database, but you can extend the connection string with "database=xxx;"

A piece of me wishes that Connection objects had a consistent connection string semantic. It is annoying that and OdbcConnection requires UID whereas an ADO.NET connection requires "User ID", and other such differences. It would also be nice if the .NET connector providers would document the connection string arguments like they did for the ODBC connector.

I have been using the OdbcConnector, but in the case where I want my tool to create a database, I needed to use a direct connection. Depending on how well this connector works (compared to the more tried and true ODBC connector) I may start switching over other code.


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Posted By: Aron On: 2012-10-26 13:31
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Where is the download link for Mysql.Data.dll
I need it so hard....

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